ELVIA GOBBO: Photographer

Elvia at work...

Elvia at work...


A Lifetime in the making…

Throughout a storied life taking her from the fashion capitals of the world to the remote mountaintops of the Andes, from the most exotic locations in Asia to her most recent home in the heart of New York City, there has been a single constant - an eye for the most beautiful moments, some only a micro second in length, but each so special, so unique that once passed, they will never be repeated.  It's the ability to capture these moments that define the DNA of Elvia's work.  It's this very ability that define her work & render it wholly singular and stunningly unforgettable.

Elvia honed her eye in the work rooms of her fashion atelier in Montreal, Canada and New York while designing her eponymous collections that graced the runways each season to the accolades of an adoring press & fashion fans alike.  Today, she is a fixture at the end of the runways in New York where she chronicles the work of many of the world's most noteworthy creatives in manner that only she can.  

Elvia's work exposes fashion details that are rarely if ever seen, in some cases eluding even the creators themselves.  This trademark style can only be seen after decades of living in the highest strata of fashion, never allowing a single detail to go unexamined or unexplored.  Now, she chooses to capture such details through the lens of her Canon 5D Mark IV.

Elvia's work can be found in several well respected industry trade publications, as well as in nearly every story posted on TheFashionList.com, where she serves as the Director of Photography.  She's a regular presence & credentialed member of the press corps at NYFW for both Men's and Women's collections weeks and is credentialed by the Chambre Syndicale in Paris, allowing her entrance to the most celebrated runways in the French fashion capital.  

If she's not at the end of a runway, she's most likely on runway, boarding a flight to her next destination on her bucket list, most recently, she travelled to Cuba, & is already busy planning a trip to Iceland.

Elvia is available for commission for Fashion photography, both runway and studio/lookbooks, events, bridal and portraits.